October 24 Mr. Henry Edouard Charigny de Lachevrotière – Editor-in-chief of an unique French newspaper in 1940s “LA DEPECHE” – had an official license to open GRAND HOTEL SAIGON COMPANY. It was a small beverage shop, located at the corner of Dong Khoi St. (Catinat) and Ngo Duc Ke St. (Vannier)

“Mr. Henry Edouard Charigny de Lachevrotière, est autorisé à ouvrir pour le compte de la Société du Grand Hôtel de Saigon, un débit de boissons à consommer sur place à Saigon, à l’angle dès rues Catinat et Vannier. M.Joseph Marie Menguy, est autorisé à gérer ce débit de boissons. “(From Southern Admin. Bulletin, 1-11-1928, n.44, p.3248)

  • 1930 08 Dong Khoi St. (rue Catinat, near by Bach Dang river), Dist. 1, HCMC (Saigon Historic River)
  • 1932 Patrice Luciani offered a license to operate this beverage shop
  • 1937 The Grand Hotel has changed its name to become SAIGON PALACE hotel
  • 1938 Patrice Luciani – Hotel Direct
  • 1939 Antoine Giogetti – Hotel Director
  • 1948 HOTEL SAIGON PALACE. Tel No. 21.045 from 1938
  • 1958 Vietnamese name “SAI GON DAI LU QUAN” appeared
  • 1978 F&B and Hotels Office managed PALACE HOTEL at 16 Ngo Duc Ke St., Dist.1, (decision No.1339/QD – UB, date June 26th, 1978, signed by Mr. Van Dai – Vice Chairman of The People Committee of HCMC)
  • 1989 Restaurants and Hotels Combination decided to form DONG KHOI HOTEL, including Hotel at 16 Ngo Duc Ke St. and Restaurant at 24 Dong Khoi St (decision No.25/QN – TC, date October 18th, 1989, signed by Mr.Tran Trung Nghia – General Manager of Restaurants and Hotels Combination).
  • 1995 – 1998 Grand renovation conducted by Saigon Tourist Holding Company
  • 1998 – 2003 GRAND HOTEL is reopened with the most sophisticated and modern facilities, amenities and dependable services
  • 2003 GRAND HOTEL is certified Four-Star Hotel by Vietnam National Administration for Tourism
  • 2004 The Environmental Management System developed by GRAND HOTEL for the whole hotel activities, facilities and services have been assessed and found to conform to the requirements of the standard ISO 14001 (1996). The corresponding certificate has been delivered under AFAQ-ASCERT INTERNATIONAL application rules.

The hotel is awarded a third Labor Medal (date Nov 3rd 2004 signed be President Tran Duc Luong)

  • 2005 The corresponding certificate of ISO 14001 (2004) for the Environmental Management System developed by GRAND HOTEL has been delivered under AFAQ-ASCERT INTERNATIONAL application rules2006Quality & Prestige: Business of the year 2006
  • 2007 Best Hotels & Resorts in Asia – Hotel Awards 2007
  • 2008 ASEAN Green Hotel Recognition Awards
  • 2009-2010 Top ten of 4-star hotel, Vietnam National Administration for Tourism.

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